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Pietermaai Musiç Live & Mi Familia Curacao present...

Hermes House Band Class '97-'02

Tue 30 April • 7PM • Nieuwestraat • Pietermaai

Free Admission

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With Ginger Restaurant & Pietermaai Boutique Hotel, Curacao


Hermes House Band

Dutch pop formation the Hermes House Band was founded in 1984 by members of a student corps in Rotterdam. Students often graduate, so the band is supplemented with new musicians over the years. On average every 5 years. The band is well known for their covers of '70s and '80s classics and released several albums and dozens of singles. Biggest Hermes House Band hits: 'I Will Survive' (Gloria Gaynor cover), 'Country Roads', 'Live Is Life' (Opus cover).



Hermes House Band Class '97-'02 formation:

Paul de Nooy • vocals

Joost Vollering • saxophone

Guido Cramer • trombone

Eelco Benink • keyboard

Jilling Bergmann • guitar

Mark Stockx • guitar

Jasper Zwartendijk • drums

Linda Mac-Lennan • vocals

Sara Meerman • vocals


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Pietermaai Musiç Live is a non-profit concept to upgrade the beautiful Pietermaai District with the power of LIVE MUSIC!


There is BlueSeas each year. There are bars and venues with live music each week. We have Mr. Porter Street Cafe, Mundo Bizarro, Mid-Town, Tiki Loco, and the collective initiatives at Pietermaai Square. All with great performances by international and local bands, musicians, and performers.


To extend and sustain this musical phenomenon in this great district Pietermaai Musiç Live will provide the best music, local and international.


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